We are an early intervention provider, so one of the most common questions I get from parents: “Can you PAHLEEASE help me with potty training?!”

Potty training can be stressful. On the whole family. For any child. BUT, if your child has a developmental disorder or physical disability this can multiply the anxiety to a new level.

So, over the course of our blog I plan to help you become a potty training guru through our potty train with science program! I will post free resources and tools for you to use at home. This method can be used for any child at any ability level. First, I’m going to start off with my top 6 questions to ask yourself before starting the potty training process party.  

Does your child…

  1. pull his/her pants up and down?
  2. sit on the toilet for more than 2 minutes?
  3. follow some simple one step directions?
  4. show any signs of bladder control (staying dry for longer periods of time or waking up dry after a nap) and have regular bowel movements?
  5. To help you track your child’s toileting patterns feel free to use this chart.
  6. exhibit any form of verbal communication (doesn’t have to be vocal communication)?
  7. Are YOU ready and committed to tackle potty training?

Your child does not need to master all of these skills to start the potty training with science program. This is just a guide to get your wheels turning. However, if you answered yes to more than one of these questions your child may be ready to start potty training. Best of luck in your potty party planning!

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