One of the most common misconceptions about applied behavior analysis (ABA) is that it is a methodology that only works for children with autism. In reality, ABA is used within so many aspects of our daily lives. It’s scientific principles, which are based on learning theory, help us to build new behavior by breaking down larger goals into smaller and more manageable pieces. ABA is being used to increase your seat belt use and to keep you sitting at that slot machine. It can also be used to decrease those embarrassing tantrums your child throws at the grocery store or to perfect your golf swing and drink more water.

In an effort to spread the power of ABA, we have lined up our passion with the mission of making these concepts come to life in tangible and practical ways. We want these proven methods to be accessible to all parents, caregivers, educators and the like. We plan to do this through direct pediatric behavioral services for a wide range of common parenting struggles and by offering free tips and resources as we add to our blog.

So, if you’re wondering if ABA can help your toddler get in his car seat without arching his back, it can! If you are worried that your daughter will never stop sucking her thumb or sleep in her own bed, we can offer you some great tips to harness the power of ABA in your everyday life. Stay tuned!

Our Mission

We are an Applied Behavioral Analysis Clinic in Plainfield, Indiana. We help families thrive whose children are diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.


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